Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hang-It-Alls Contest, Blog Candy Winners, and some cards

Helllllllllllllllloooooooooooo everybody!!! How the heck are you all doing??? Faboo I hope! I wanted to let you know about the wonderful contest going on at the Bind-It-All blog, check out the deets here. All you have to do is comment on the Hang-It-All thread which features the oh-so-fun new Hang-It-Alls and ~

you could win this! (Nan will be picking 10 names from all those who post on the BIA blog thread about the Hang-It-Alls March 10th, so hurry on over!)

There is a super little video posted too, make sure you check it out while you are at the Bind-It-All blog. It shows you how easy peasy it is to use the new Hang-It-Alls, and how darling the project is. Some of Donna Salazar's gorgeous papers are also included (love them, she has such cool stuff), as well as some predrilled Zutter clipboard for the winners. WOOOO, go check it out!

I used some of the fun new Hang-It-Alls on the little clean/dirty dishwasher hanger I made and posted about recently, and have some on my project that I will be sharing during the fun fun FUN Zutter Zisters DT blog hop that will be happening the end of the month. I can't wait, there is a little surprise during the hop. I can't tell you more, you will have to stay tuned for details. he he, can you see my big ole grin? Cause it is there................

Alrighty, thanks to all of you that signed up to be followers, or posted about my blog candy on your blog.
Remember, I will be sending you some an assortment of yummy flowers, tags, or stamped and embossed loveliness such as you see here -

or here -

or some stamped and embossed birds or butterflies.

Enough of the deets, I have drawn some names and here they are -

Patti West

and for the added extra third spot I actually picked two names and will split the 2 dozen flower, tag, and stamped embossed embellies candy between ~
Ashjoy and Michelle

Please send me your snail mail addies ladies!!! Thank you again to all who participated! I will do another blog candy this summer, so stay tuned!

Here are some cards I just finished for a card swap I am in at Citrus Tree Studio ~

and a few more (the theme was Spring, can you tell???) ~

I used lots of the flowers I have been making. I love those things! I am still kind of addicted to making them, hopefully with the coming warm weather I will get to play in the dirt soon. :)

Don't forget about the Going Green Crop coming up at Citrus Tree Studio, it is gonna be boatloads of fun! Save the dates of March 13- March 15 and come crop with us! If you haven't joined the mb yet, you will need to do so here so you can participate.

Hey, one more reminder. Don't forget to check out the fun at Challenge Masters. There are TONS of inspirational challenges happening. Lose your mojo? Find it at Challenge Masters!

OK, I am off to work on a few challenges for Sketches ~ Creatively Yours. There is a faboo guest artist again this month, and boatloads of fun sketches. Hope you stop in and say hello, you will find plenty of sketches to inspire you!

Hope you all have a happy crafty week! ~ Pam


Bearly Sane said...

Those cards have come up real treat Pam ... all the flowers look lovely and very SPRING!!
Warmest hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

ashjoy said...

Beautiful cards! And thanks! But I can't seem to figure out how to email you. Can you send me an email that I can reply to?
Thanks again,

Nicole said...

Pam those flowered cards are beautiful! You are making me wish I would have signed up for the swap.

mustangkayla said...

Congrats to the lucky girls who won! I love those hang it alls, they look like a lot of fun!

Dani Pires Vellozo said...

Hi Pam!

Did I win???
You asked to send an e-mail... Can you send me an email that I can reply to?

Thanks a lot!

PS: Sorry my english, but it's 1 AM in Rio de Janeiro and I'm not thinking very well...

pattiwest said...

hell, yeah....I am so psyched!!! Thanks, Pamala!! :) Your cards are sooo pretty, can't wait to see in real life. thanks again for makin' me a winner!!! :)

pamala said...

Thanks for your kind words about the cards everybody! I forgot to mention in my post that the card bases are from Sandi, she sent me the most beautiful card bases with envies (they have a soft feathered edge). That is what I used to make the spring cards. So a great big ole thanks to Sandi of Bearly Sane too!!!

Melonie said...

Beautiful cards Pam!

Jamilie said...

Love the flowers and tags! And cards! Can't wait to get mine!!

Dawn said...

Adorable cards and great candy you were passing out there. sorry I didn't find you sooner. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. What part of Michigan do you live? We have family that we visit quite often

Michelle said...

The cards are so beautiful!!
I think I won?
I want sure if I was the right Michelle?
Could you send me a message on my blog?
I love all those flowers you made they are so pretty!
Have a great day!

Danielle said...

Hey Pam!!!
Is it me? the dani you are looking for? the one who won those FABULOUS flowers?

OH< I HOPE IT IS!!!!!!

I can send you a note at snr, idk what to do!!!

I am trying not to be too happy!!!! but I am!!!!!

fairyrocks said...

You are a busy Woman!!
Love your flowers.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.
Love the Zutter stuff too, I haven't seen those yet.

Jannet said...

adorable flowers!

How did I come up with Pam's Eclectic Stuff?

Pam- that is me. :)

eclectic --adj.- selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
*Since I like a huge variety of arts and mediums, this seemed perfect, we will talk about the best of various styles or ideas.

stuff- The noun stuff has 7 senses -
1. material, stuff -- (the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread")2. whatchamacallit, stuff, whatsis, sundry, sundries -- (miscellaneous unspecified artifacts; "the trunk was full of stuff")3. stuff, clobber -- (informal terms for personal possessions; "did you take all your clobber?")4. stuff, stuff and nonsense, hooey, poppycock -- (senseless talk; "don't give me that stuff")5. stuff -- (unspecified qualities required to do or be something; "the stuff of heros"; "you don't have the stuff to be a United States Marine")6. stuff -- (information in some unspecified form; "it was stuff I had heard before"; "there's good stuff in that book")7. stuff -- (a critically important or characteristic component; "suspense is the very stuff of narrative")

*What more needs to be said? I really thought about using Pam's Eclectic Sundries, but I thought that might be tough to remember. :) Stuff is easy and conveys a variety of meanings. I like the definition- miscellaneous unspecified artifacts. I also liked whatchamacallit, but that is a lot of typing. :)

So there you have it!