Sunday, September 26, 2010

Less than a week to go, the countdown has started, WOOOOOO! :)

Oh my word, in less than a week we will be attending a wedding.  Hopefully the weather will be beautiful, since the ceremony will be outdoors.  {fingers crossed}  The reception is indoors, so if the weather doesn't cooperate, at least we will be warm and dry inside for the dinner and party.  I have been working like crazy on more items, and have a boatload to show you today.  Remember that candle holder I bought half off at Hobby Lobby?  Well, here is what it looks like now (ignore the background, I will post better pics after setting up at the hall)~

Here is the back ~

No candles ~

Here is what it looked like before I sparkled it up (gotta love those sparkly sprays!) and made it bigger ~

Next, remember these baskets I bought for 25 cents each during the huge US 12 garage sale?

Here they are now, repainted, antiqued, embellished, and all ready for the flower girls to carry ~

I was at Hobby Lobby again (surprise!) and found this lovely candle holder (on sale for 1/2 off of course)~

I thought it would be lovely on the cake table.  Just one more thing needed to make it perfect ~

A rub on.  Easy peasy!  I love this saying (and the song, one of my all time favs), I thought it was perfect for two people beginning their life together.  Anyway, the rub on is by Upsy Daisy Designs.

Next, I purchased 2 three packs of some beautiful name card holders (each package included beautiful fall colors of forest green, deep red, and burnt orange holders~ again, half off at Hobby Lobby WOOOO HOOO).  There will be 6 reserved tables at the wedding, the rest are open to whomever wishes to sit there.  My daughter wanted people to have the freedom to select where they sit.  Anyway, I made some Reserved cards to put in the holders.  Here is a peek at one of the holders  ~

I wish you could see how sparkly and gorgeous these are irl.  I used some copper foil from a manufacturer that I found at CHA.  (I will be offering classes using this beautiful product, watch for details.)

I also made one that is folded and ready to sit on a table, just in case we need one more (I couldn't find any more holders at Hobby Lobby, they sold out in 2 days, DANG it!).  Here it is (a lovely shade of chocolate brown bazzill is the cs by the way) ~

Next, I picked up some kraft colored gift bags to fill with a few goodies for our guests that will be staying overnight in a hotel (price of bags, 2 for $1.00).  I added a wee bit to them, stamped saying, ribbon, and cs ~

We will tie an organza ribbon around the handles after we fill them.  Simple, yet pretty. Of course I also had to add a wee bit of bling, as you probably noticed.  ;)

I finally finished the flower ball that will hang over the dance floor (in the middle of some draped tulle and lights).  I was lucky enough to have a friend come over and help with things one day last week, she cut and wired all the little sparkly net bits I tucked in here and there.  You can't really see them very well, but they are there, and look sparkly lovely.  :)   This flower ball is one of my daughter's favorite things so far.  She reaaaaaaaaaaalllly wanted one, so I am happy that she likes how it turned out.  Here are a few pics (view from the side top)~

view from the other side ~

view of Bruce, one of our Shizons, in front of the side view of the flower ball (he is very nosy, can you tell?) ~

view of the side bottom of the flower ball ~

I also finished one of the flower girl dresses, and the headpiece.  I have one more flower girl dress to finish, finish hemming my daughter's dress, and altering my dress.  Then just the little bits and pieces of assorted projects, and last minute things before  packing everything up to haul out to the hall.  Whew! 

Thanks so much for reading my long post today, I hope some of these ideas are things you can incorporate into your creations.  I would love to see pics if so.  My next post will be after the wedding, so there will probably be a lot more pics to share.  :)   Take care til then, and happy crafting!  ~ Pam


Bearly Sane said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for good weather Pam ~ you have done so much for this wedding and everything is beautiful.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

mustangkayla said...

Oh my word you have been busy busy busy! Everything you shared is BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE LOVE the place holers and the candles on that gorgeous arrangement! Oh and the flower ball...yea, lovin' it all!

LynneForsythe said...

WOWZEROOO Pam...what wonderful are SOME talented...but we all knew that! hehehe Can't wait to see the pictures of the wonderful event!!

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