Thursday, November 8, 2007

Etsy Shop

I have a few of the clear acylic ornament mini kits listed in my Etsy store now. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or need any additional pics.
You can also order one here if you like

kit accent color

I am getting excited, I did another mini book today (no pics available yet, soon though!) and it turned out sooooo neat! I did a red accent one this time and it was sooooo fun to do. I love these babies!
Don't forget to keep signing up in the sign up post for the freeeeeebiess!!!
The new hide n seek starts tomorrow, if you signed up for the MyCreative newsletter you will be one of the first to hear about it. I will be posting about it here too, after the newsletter goes out. It's gonna be fun, that's for sure!!! AWESOME prizes too!!! Wish I could win! :)

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How did I come up with Pam's Eclectic Stuff?

Pam- that is me. :)

eclectic --adj.- selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
*Since I like a huge variety of arts and mediums, this seemed perfect, we will talk about the best of various styles or ideas.

stuff- The noun stuff has 7 senses -
1. material, stuff -- (the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread")2. whatchamacallit, stuff, whatsis, sundry, sundries -- (miscellaneous unspecified artifacts; "the trunk was full of stuff")3. stuff, clobber -- (informal terms for personal possessions; "did you take all your clobber?")4. stuff, stuff and nonsense, hooey, poppycock -- (senseless talk; "don't give me that stuff")5. stuff -- (unspecified qualities required to do or be something; "the stuff of heros"; "you don't have the stuff to be a United States Marine")6. stuff -- (information in some unspecified form; "it was stuff I had heard before"; "there's good stuff in that book")7. stuff -- (a critically important or characteristic component; "suspense is the very stuff of narrative")

*What more needs to be said? I really thought about using Pam's Eclectic Sundries, but I thought that might be tough to remember. :) Stuff is easy and conveys a variety of meanings. I like the definition- miscellaneous unspecified artifacts. I also liked whatchamacallit, but that is a lot of typing. :)

So there you have it!