Monday, November 5, 2007

kits available for Clear Acrylic Ornament Mini Class

Do you need a kit for the clear acrylic ornament mini class? Just email me and I will send you a paypal invoice. As soon as I receive payment I will ship your kit right out. I will be putting a few kits in my etsy store that include a white Stazon ink pad in addition to the regular kit (as shown in red accent kit on left). Regular kits are priced at $25.00 and the kit with the added Stazon Ink pad is priced at $37.00. This is by far the best white ink pad I have EVER used, it is very white, not ivory tinted at all, and you can stamp on pretty much anything! I love it. There are only a few kits available with the inkpads, because I do not have a store and have no interest in opening a store, so if you want one, email me right away. I can't wait for class to start so I can see all the gorgeous creations you make. There is also a class supply list you can download in the class discription if you would prefer to check your stash or purchase items elsewhere. Normally I will not be offering class kits, but it was a little difficult to find the size clear acrylic that I wanted for the class. Hence the kits!
Let me know if you have any questions. Have an awesome day!

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How did I come up with Pam's Eclectic Stuff?

Pam- that is me. :)

eclectic --adj.- selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
*Since I like a huge variety of arts and mediums, this seemed perfect, we will talk about the best of various styles or ideas.

stuff- The noun stuff has 7 senses -
1. material, stuff -- (the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread")2. whatchamacallit, stuff, whatsis, sundry, sundries -- (miscellaneous unspecified artifacts; "the trunk was full of stuff")3. stuff, clobber -- (informal terms for personal possessions; "did you take all your clobber?")4. stuff, stuff and nonsense, hooey, poppycock -- (senseless talk; "don't give me that stuff")5. stuff -- (unspecified qualities required to do or be something; "the stuff of heros"; "you don't have the stuff to be a United States Marine")6. stuff -- (information in some unspecified form; "it was stuff I had heard before"; "there's good stuff in that book")7. stuff -- (a critically important or characteristic component; "suspense is the very stuff of narrative")

*What more needs to be said? I really thought about using Pam's Eclectic Sundries, but I thought that might be tough to remember. :) Stuff is easy and conveys a variety of meanings. I like the definition- miscellaneous unspecified artifacts. I also liked whatchamacallit, but that is a lot of typing. :)

So there you have it!